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Mascot® Craftsmen Shorts


Mascot® Craftsmen Shorts

The Mascot Craftsmen's Shorts with Holster Pockets are top of the range work shorts that are one of the most comfortable options available on the market.
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The Mascot Craftsmen's Shorts with Holster Pockets are the ultimate choice of work shorts, made from a waterproof material and providing ample storage options there are no other work shorts that can compete with the Mascot Shorts.
Made from a water-repelling polyamide and elastane blend, the Mascot Shorts with Holster Pockets are also super stretchy, a feature that makes the shorts even more comfortable and durable.
Designed for use by tradesmen, the Mascot Shorts with Holster Pockets are suitable for professional use by plumbers, painters, decorators, and those working in hands-on environments away from hazardous chemicals.
The Mascot Craftsmen Shorts are not only worn by the professionals mentioned above as the shorts have been created for use in multiple industries such as retail, engineering, and manufacturing.
The holster pockets on each side of the Mascot Craftsmen Shorts allow for a high level of storage options for various tools and small items, making the Shorts incredibly useful in keeping important items close to hand.
The double-stitched seams across the crotch and legs of the shorts increase the durability of the shorts, extending the expected product life dramatically.
The Mascot Shorts with Holster Pockets are a unisex product that has been designed for use by numerous people with a large range of sizes available for purchase.
The waistband has a high focus upon user comfort, as a formed waistband it follows the wearer's anatomy, making it comfortable to wear regardless of the position the wearer is in.
The comfort considerations don't end there as the addition of belt loops across the waist allows for a belt to be used to provide extra comfort and support to the wearer, also increasing the number of potential wearers further.
The Mascot Craftsmen's Shorts are only one of the amazing Mascot products available via Safe Fence. Safe Fence recommends wearing the shorts with a Mascot top such as the 17482-944-010 Mascot Advanced T-Shirt for a complete outfit that is both stylish and suitable for work.

The Mascot Shorts with Holster Pockets also have the following features:

•Integrated pockets.
•Phone pocket inside thigh pocket.
•A reinforced ruler pocket.
•Front and back pockets.
•Fly with zip.
•Low waist design.
•Tool strap at both sides of the waist.
•Detachable holster pockets.
•Button for a knife attachment.

As with all Mascot products, the Craftsmen's Shorts have the option of being customised with company branding upon request!
Mascot is a leading supplier of premium workwear, continuously proving their reliability and guarantee products of the highest standards. The Mascot Shorts with Holster Pockets are no exception and will provide the wearer with the utmost comfort for an extremely long product life duration.
Available in sizes XXS to 4XL.
Available in black.