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MASCOT® Lemberg - One Tone Trouser


MASCOT® Lemberg - One Tone Trouser

The Mascot Lemberg Trousers are a highly durable work trouser with knee pad pockets designed to withstand even the toughest professions and work environments.
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Tough and long-lasting, the Mascot Lemberg Trousers are an impressive workplace trouser with an even more impressive level of durability.
Following in the tradition of other Mascot products, the Lemberg Trousers retain the same high standards present across each of the Mascot product lines.
Due to these high levels of quality, Mascot has created the perfect work trouser for plumbers, mechanics, and gas engineers. The Mascot Lemberg Trousers are also suitable for use in the engineering, mechanics, and logistics industries, due to the fantastic knee support they can provide when fitted with Knee Pads.
When used with Knee Pads in the specifically added Knee Pad Pockets, the Mascot Lemberg Trousers are designed to protect the wearer's knees when they are kneeling or resting their knees on rough or uneven surfaces.
The Lemberg Trousers can be used with Short or Long Knee Pads from a wide variety of suppliers. However, Safe Fence recommends using the 20118-915 Complete Kneepads also created and distributed via Mascot and available for purchase via Safe Fence.
Designed to be worn both with and without Kneepads, the Mascot Lemberg Trousers can be used without knee pads in the Knee Pad pockets, but they must contain Knee Pads if they are to meet EN 14404 classification standards.
EN 14404 classification standards guarantee that the combination of trouser and knee pads have been tested for impact absorption, penetration resistance, and pressure distribution.
The knee pad installation couldn't be any easier, thanks to the top-loading knee pad pockets. The kneepads slide into the pocket and are then further protected by the flaps situated at the top of the Knee Pad pockets, designed to keep the knee pads in and dirt out.
Made from a tough and durable blend of cotton and polyester that is also light in weight and high in levels of comfort, the Lemberg Trousers have been designed to consider as many important factors as possible.
Another example of the fantastic talents of the Mascot design team has to be the inclusion of triple-stitched seams across the crotch and legs of the workplace trousers, a small addition that further increased the durability of the Lemberg Bottoms.
The Lemberg Trouser legs have also been given additional consideration. The trouser legs have been designed to fit the shape of the wearer's legs with a reinforced gusset on the inside of the crotch and legs.
The Lemberg Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets are unisex trousers suitable for all shapes and sizes, making them an all-inclusive trouser that can be ordered to fit a wide range of body types comfortably.
The belt loops and the low waist and form cut waistband present on the trouser bottoms provide additional comfort and support to the wearer, further increasing the range of wearers the trousers can be suited to.
The visibility of the Mascot Lemberg Trousers has been increased with the presence of reflective tape across the sides of the trouser legs.
This level of visibility can be improved further when worn with Hi-Vis Mascot products such as the 15501-231 Mascot Safe Supreme Harlow Hi-Vis Jacket. This jacket is also available via Safe Fence.
In addition to the previously mentioned features, the Lemberg Trousers have other noteworthy features, such as:

•Large front pockets for easy access.
•D-Ring to attach keys and ID cards.
•Thigh pocket with an additional phone pocket inside.
•A pen pocket.
•A reinforced ruler pocket.
•An adjustable hammer loop.
•A tool strap at the waist.
•Reinforced back and back pockets.
•Tool strap at the waist.

If this wasn't enough, the Lemberg Trousers can also be branded to advertise images and text of choice upon request. This is a cost-effective way to remain safe and warm while also advertising.
The Mascot Lemberg Trousers with Kneepad Pockets are leagues above the nearest competitor's equivalent range and truly demonstrate the industry-leading standard Mascot has become recognised for around the world.
Available in sizes XXS/27" waist - 6XL 58" waist.
Short, medium and tall leg options are available.
Available in One Tone black and navy blue. For a Two Tone alternative, try the 13079-230-1809 Macot Lemburg Trouser.