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MASCOT® Olten - Under shirt


MASCOT® Olten - Under shirt

The Mascot Olten Multisafe Under Shirt is a top of the range anti-static and flame-retardant undershirt designed for comfort and safety.
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The Mascot Olten Multisafe Under Shirt is the ideal base layer for use in industrial work environments that present potential fire risks.
The Mascot Olten Base Layer Shirt is an undershirt that is suitable for use in a wide range of scenarios that most under shirts would not be able to perform in. As mentioned previously, the Mascot Olten Under-Shirt is ideal for use in industries where fire poses a risk to the wearer, this is due to the flame retardant properties of the modacrylic-cotton-carbon f material it is made from.
The Olten Base Shirt has even been made using flame retardant thread within the seams to further guarantee the high levels of protection demanded from the product.
This incredible material not only protects the wearer from heat and flame but also from static. This highly beneficial and well-considered feature of the Olten Under-Shirt increases the protection of the wearer by decreasing and removing the build-up of static electricity.
The modern fit of the Olten Top Base Layer has been contoured to fit the wearer comfortably in order to prevent irritation and ensure the Under Shirt does not pull when the wearer changes position.
The neck of the Mascot Under-Shirt has also been tailored to provide a higher quality of comfort to the wearer, with a round neck design used to avoid any potential rubbing or irritation.
The Mascot Olten Under Shirt does not use labels for printing washing instructions on, instead, Mascot chose to use interwoven washing instructions that prevent the need for annoying labels.
The contrast stitching used across the Mascot Base Layer Under Shirt makes the appearance of the Undershirt eyecatching, however, if this kind of design doesn't suit the taste of the wearer, the Olten Under Shirt can be worn under a 50149-951-010 Mascot Reims Knitted Jumper also available via Safe Fence.
Due to its flame retardant properties, the Mascot Olten Under Shirt is suitable for use in engineering, manufacturing, and welding professions.
The unisex undershirt is available in a varying range of sizes making them suitable for a large demographic of potential wearers.
Available in sizes S- 3XL.
Available in dark navy.