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MASCOT® Parada - Under shirt


MASCOT® Parada - Under shirt

The Mascot Parada Undershirt is the ideal undershirt for use in working environments. Quick-drying and proficient and insulating heat, the Parada Undershirt guarantees wearer warmth.
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The Mascot Parada Crossover Undershirt is a premium undershirt that has been designed with user comfort and warmth as the main priority.
Exceeding expectations and creating an undershirt that efficiently keeps the wearer warm regardless of circumstance, the Parada Undershirt is a top tier workwear product that will not be beaten on quality.
The Mascot Parada Undershirt is made from a polyester-polyamide-elastane blended material that fantastically allows the undershirt to stretch and fit the wearer perfectly.
If the stretch technology wasn't cool enough, the Parada Undershirt is also made with burnt bamboo! A surreal concept that allows the undershirt to be better insulating, moisture-wicking, and provide anti-bacterial qualities.
This particular model of Mascot Undershirt is ideal for use as a base layer, however, the wearer can benefit from additional levels of insulation by wearing it with a product such as the 50149-951-010 Mascot Reims Knitted Jumper, a Mascot product also available for purchase via Safe Fence.
The lightweight Parada Undershirt is quick-drying, a feature that not only benefits the process of washing the undershirt, but a feature that also adds to the comfort and warmth of the wearer when in wet conditions.
The design of the Mascot Parada Crossover Under-Shirt has a round neck and a lack of side seams. Both of these elements are to ensure the comfort of the wearer and to avoid any potential irritation.
The Parada Crossover Under Shirt further reduces any chance of irritation thanks to its ingenious interwoven washing instructions that prevent the need for those pesky labels.
The unisex undershirt is available in a varying range of sizes making them suitable for a large demographic of potential wearers.
Suitable for use in a just as impressive and large demographic of professions and industries, the Mascot Parada Under-Shirt can be used to benefit retail staff, logistics professionals, and tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians.
The Mascot brand is a trusted and well-respected name in the workwear scene and is highly regarded as one of the most prestigious manufacturers of premium work clothing products. This reputation has been developed through years of experience delivering top tier products to the working world. The Parada Model follows on from its predecessors and is guaranteed to perform to expectations.
Available in sizes S- 4XL.
Available in dark anthracite.