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Absorbent Pads – Oil & Fuel


Absorbent Pads – Oil & Fuel


Absorbent Pads for use on Oil, Fuel and Oil-Based Solvents which are commonly used in workshops, production areas, maintenance facilities, transport and storage areas where spills and leaks occur.

These Pads safely absorb oils, fuels, solvents and all hydrocarbons and have a strong wicking action for easy everyday clean-up. Perforated along the centre for easy tearing and have been designed with water repellant properties to provide maximum absorbency without waster even when water is present.

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Absorbent Pads can be used as a workmat to catch and absorb drips and leaks during component maintenance and cleaning or as an alternative to granular material that can cause cross contamination.

These Pads are a core item of our Oil & Fuel Spill Kits to provide a swift response to leak and spillage incidents.

In this range we also have Chemical and General Purpose Absorbent Pads as well as Absorbent Socks, Absorbent Cushions and Absorbent Roll.


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