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Geotextiles - Oratex

Bight Orange Oratex Rolls - 4.5m Wide x 100m Long

ORATEX is a bright orange highly visible woven geotextile manufactured from slit film polypropylene tapes which are resistant to all naturally occuring soil acids, alkalis, bacteria and fungi. For use as a warning and separator layer in all types of Civil Engineering and Construction projects. Oratex is commonly used on brownfield sites as a marker horizon where contaminated materials are retained on site and there is a need to provide a warning in case of future excavation.

  • Tensile Strength - MD - 18kN/m
  • Tensile Strength - XD - 10kN/m
  • Elongation At Break - MD - 21%
  • Elongation At Break - XD - 21%
  • CBR Puncture Resistance - 1500N
  • Permeability - 16 I/m²/s
  • Pore Size - 300µm
  • Weight - 80g/m²

Durability - Predicted to be durable for minimum of 25 years in natural soils with 4<pH <9pH and soil temperature <25ºC, to be covered within two weeks of installation.