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Hand & Foot Protection

We have a range of safety boots and specialist hand gloves as part of our workwear collection. Safety boots are designed to protect feet from harm in hazardous environments and are ideal for construction workers. Durable and long-lasting, our boots are manufactured with steel toes and a heavy-duty steel midsole. These safety boots also offer slip protection and resistance when working on ceramic and steel surfaces.

Workwear gloves are perfect for industries such as manufacturing, warehousing and construction to protect hands and fingers. All gloves meet British Standards when tested for abrasion resistance, cut resistance, tearing strength and puncture resistance. Our Portwest Flexo Grip Gloves are dipped in nitrile coating over the palm and fingers which gives the maximum abrasion resistance according to the BS EN 388 standard. Whilst our Portwest Classic Chrome Rigger Gloves are made to protect hands against abrasion and cuts.

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