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Premium Pallet Gate


Our Premium Pallet Safety Gate is our top-of-the-range option for safe pallet loading. This Pallet Gate is the go-to option when all other models available in our range cannot meet your requirements. See what options we have below.

Speak to our sales team today to let us know what your requirements are and we can work out the dimensions that work best for you.

At Safe Fence, we have three different options available in our Premium Pallet Gate.


The standard Pallet Gate can fit pallet depths up to 2000mm, widths up to 3500mm and heights up to 2050mm. This option has a three-way off-loading on the mezzanine floor which is ideal for narrow gangways when the pallet can only be retrieved from the other side.



If floor space in your area is an issue, we have a compact Premium Pallet Gate option for you which has been designed to meet the requirements for those who require unrestricted access for Booms and Overhead Cranes operating on the floor. The compact option provides edge protection at all times.


Low Headroom:

Similar to our Standard option but comes with a reduced overall height when your floor has limited headroom and confined space. These Pallet Gates can operate in 270mm headroom taking a pallet 1800mm high and coming with three-way off-loading capability.


Safety Pallet Gates have been designed to a provide safe access solution for loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors or raised work surfaces. Transporting pallets around factories and warehouses can present a number of health and safety issues such as resulting from a fall at height – Pallet Gates mitigate risks like these by resulting in employees being separated from the potential hazard.

Our range of Mezzanine Pallet Gates have been designed to seamlessly fit into new or existing guardrails or barriers to ensure there is continuous protection in place whilst goods are being moved up or down the mezzanine.

Safety Pallet Gates are highly recommended for edge protection on warehouse mezzanine floors and docks to meet health and safety standards to offer the necessary protection for your workforce.

To operate you must swing your pallet gate into the open position to accept goods or swing the pallet gate into the closed position to remove goods by hand, pallet truck or forklift in your area.

All of our Pallet Gates are manufactured in the UK from mild steel and have been safety tested to comply with British regulation guidelines.


At Safe Fence, we supply a range of Pallet Gates depending on what you require for your warehouse or factory such as our Low Ceiling High Pallet Gates, Heavy Duty Pallet Gates and the One-Size Three-Way Off-Loading Simple Pallet Gate.


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