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Retractable Cone Belt Barrier - Skipper


The Skipper retractable belt barrier one of the industry leading products to produce a retractable barrier system. This is the perfect way of cordoning off any area, indoors or outdoors to ensure that an area is noticed or avoided, maintaining high levels of visibility and safety.

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The Skipper retractable belt barrier,  the industry leading product that is being used world wide to cordon off any area while mainitaning high levels of visibility and safety

This belt barrier can be attached to any of our cone products. The belt is 9m long and made out of a heavy duty high visibilty material giving the barrier a longvitiy that has been previously unknown in the industry. Its not just the high-specification material but the the soft-touch areas for improved grip, which make the Skipper unit highly robust and dependable. 

Key Specs:

  • Retractable tape holder housing a fully adjustable 9m High Visibility Barrier Tape
  • The tape clip at the end of the tape can clip back on to itself, allowing you secure it around posts / beams
  • An area of 40m sq can be cordoned off using three units
  • Self tensioning ratchet keeps tape taut 
  • Robust and durable 


Length: 145mm

Width: 145mm

Height: 240mm

Weight: 795g


length: 9 Meters 

Width: 49mm

  • Locking button to prevent unwanted spooling of tape
  • Contains 9m (30ft) of high- visibility, fabric, retractable tape
  • Tape end clip can wrap around pillars and attach to itself
  • Robust, heavy-duty materials
  • Built for purpose
  • Robust and durable
  • Light weight and easy to store
  • Fully modular solution with accessories for every environment


Q. What is the retractable tape made from?

A. The tape is made from a high durability, fabric tape (UVA rating 6+).

Q. Can I get it in a different colour?
A. Yes. Skipper is available in orange, red, silver, green blue, and yellow. It’s also available with different tape styles. See the customisation page of this document for more information.

Q. Can I get a Skipper unit without the tape?
A. Yes. If you just want to connect a tape end clip to a Skipper unit, you can buy a Dummy unit (product code DUMMY01).