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Rubber Floor Tiles


These strong, robust and versatile non-slip Recycled Rubber Floor Tiles are perfect to create a sleek, safe and secure outdoor work and play area that looks the part.

Commonly used as playground flooring, balcony flooring and roofing, these rubber mat squares carry a critical fall of up to 1 metre and are very easy to install using interlocking pegs or strong rubber adhesive.

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We have three different colours available for our Recycled Rubber Floor Tiles which are used as playground flooring, balcony flooring and roofing creating a safe and soft outdoor work and play areas. These rubber mat squares carry a critical fall of up to 1 metre making them perfect of low level outdoor playground flooring areas.

These Rubber Tiles are bought individually and 1m2 is comprised of 4 tiles. They provide a neat and stylish surface for your area and are easily installed onto solid and granular existing surfaces using the interlocking pegs provided or using a strong rubber adhesive.

Very easy to install and requiring zero maintenance, these wonderfully designed floor panels also allow for natural drainage to keep the surface below healthy – air, water and nutrients can reach the ground below which isn't always the case with alternatives on the market.


Interlocking Method (for a granular base):

  • Prepare your sub-base (e.g. soil, sand) and ensure hardcore is level and well compacted – typically done using a vibration plate.
  • Mark out edging system for your area where tiles will be installed to prevent outer edges moving. Can be made from concrete, plastic, timber or rubber.
  • On top of prepared sub-base, lay the tiles one at a time starting in the corner and connecting each tile using interlocking pegs. Push interlocking pegs halfway into pre-drilled holes and then push the next tile onto two of the pegs sticking out ensuring they are tightly pressed together with no visible gaps. Repeat this one row at a time until the entire area has been filled.
  • Polyurethane adhesive can be used in the joints of each tile are fixed sufficiently to ensure total integrity.


Non-Interlocking Method (for a solid base):

  • Prepare sub-base, concrete or tarmac and ensure concrete is sealed, fully cured, crack and gap-free. Ensure tarmac is hard, flat, dry, fully cured over 30 days and free of all impurities.
  • Mark out your area where tiles will be installed and install edging system around perimeter of where tiles will be laid to prevent outer edges moving – made from concrete, plastic, timber or rubber.
  • Using appropriate polyurethane adhesive, apply 4 rows of adhesive to underside of tile in a 3mm bead. Secure tile in place and ensure there is 3-4mm joint between each tile that can be filled with sand or another fine-grade, porous medium. Repeat process until area has been filled and tiles are butting with edging installed earlier.


Our non-slip Rubber Square Mats can also be cleaned using warm soapy water and left to dry when they become unclean and grimy over time.

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Tile Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm

Tile Depth: 30mm

Tile Weight: 4.8 kg

Tiles Required per m2: 4 tiles

Material: Recycled SBR Rubber Granulate

Compliant with BS EN 1177


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