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Rustic Round Planter


Rustic Round Planter


These beautiful Rustic Round Planters are superb additions to domestic and commercial outdoor spaces – injecting some personality and life into your garden area. Each circular planters can be ordered made from premium raw British steel or high grade corten steel and come with an optional weathered finish. Each tall narrow planter comes with a square base with a range of height options.

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UK manufactured and built to last, these stunning large round planters only get better with age making them an excellent investment for your space. All these pre-weathered circular planters develop a unique orange patina after around 6 months outdoors.

Zero maintenance is required on them unlike wooden or plastic alternatives on the market – all that is required is filling your planter with soil and plants. Each planter has been fitted with drainage holes located at the base to ensure adequate drainage to hydrate the soil and plants. Planters can be manufactured without drainage holes upon request.

Planters have been manufactured to a premium standard making them one of the best on the market. The steel has been rolled using pinpoint precision rollers so each end meets perfectly to be welded together on the inside with a full seam for maximum strength.


Corten Steel vs Raw Steel

Corten Steel is also known as weathering steel – the atmospheric corrosion which occurs when being out in all weathers. Instead of corroding, surface oxidation occurs whereby the steel surface develops its own protective film. Over time this appears as a beautifully aged and weathered finish.

With these robust properties, Corten Steel is the more expensive option on the market when compared to our Rustic Patina Raw Steel option. Corten Steel shows rust a lot quicker than Raw Steel – Corten Steel should rust until a 6-9 month period with Raw Steel continuing to rust up until 12 months outside exposed to weather conditions.

Both of these steel options will look very similar when rusted despite Corten Steel being of higher quality. It is primarily used in construction for structures that are required for decades or centuries. Rustic Patina Raw Steel corrodes quicker than Corten Steel but still at a slow pace.


Pre-Weathered vs Weather Ready

For an additional cost our team will apply a Weathering Solution to your planter before delivery. This will ensure that your item arrives 'Pre-Weathered' with a Patina. Weather Ready ensures that your planter is delivered as it comes with it's Steel intact & ready to be weathered and develop it's patina naturally & over time.

These tall planters are handmade from UK manufactured heavy duty solid steel and require zero maintenance unlike wooden or plastic alternatives. Planters can take 6 to 9 months to develop a full orange patina and are built to last.

The planters couldn't be easier to set up – simply requiring you to fill them with soil and plant your chosen plants. Each planter has a drainange hole at the bottom – essential for the health of your plants.