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Skip Light


Skip Light

LED Skip Safety Lights flash 80 times per minute to ensure your skip is seen and provides over 4000 hours of use.
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Our LED Skip Safety Flashing Lights are highly visible amber lights to ensure your skip can be seen in conditions of poor visibility. Lights are fitted with a daylight sensor and turn on amutomatically in low light environments whilst saving battery power during the day.

The light is fully reversible with heavy duty steel construction and its reinforced plastic lens is secured using tamper resistant hex security bolts.



Weight: 1.8 kg

Flash Rate: 80 times per minute

Light Intensity: 27.64 lumens

Light Frequency: 589nm (Bright Amber)

Material: 3mm thick passified steel

Lens: 50mm diameter reinforced plastic

Fittings: Tamper resistant security bolts


  • 125mm long on fixing arm
  • 135mm wide
  • 90mm Diameter on body

Power Supply: 2 Industrial 'C-type' Duracell batteries (with each light)

Voltage: 3V

Expected Battery Life: In excess of 12 months (4000+ hours / 1 year)