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Hoarding Pedestrian Gate - Standalone


Hoarding Pedestrian Gate - Standalone


A steel hoarding pedestrian gate sits between portable steel hoarding panels to allow an access point for civilians and members of the workforce. 

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Standalone hoarding pedestrian gates act as a civillian access point in your temporary perimeter fencing. Easily coupled to your portable hoarding system these security gates sit directly in your fencing line. They allow for secure locking in order to keep your site secure whilst also presenting a clearly marked point through which to enter and exit your site.

This simple temporary access solution is built directly into the hoarding panel. This means that it simply slots into your temporary fence line like any other steel hoarding panel. It is connected to the hoarding panels either side of it using temporary fence clips and sits in temporary fence feet.

We also supply a built-in hoarding pedestrian gate & standalone mesh pedestrian gate, which can be used as effective forms of access control.  


Height: Available in both 2.0 meters and 2.4 meters 
Width: 85cm

Basic lockable bolt secures the door when shut.
0.75mm thick profiled steel cladding.
Top and bottom rail of grate frame to be holed to allow stiles to act as hinge.

What is the difference between a Built In Hoarding Pedestiran Gate & a Standalone Hoarding Pedestiran Gate

A built-in hoarding pedestrian gate has a security gate built into a standard portable hoarding panel. On the otherhand a standalone pedestrian gate is purely a security gate, it is not physically part of a hoarding panel, although it can be easily attached using fence clips (couplers) and rubber block fence feet.