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Forklift Sweeper Collector


This remarkable Forklift Sweeper Collector is the best quality sweeper attachment on the market when it comes to sweeping, collecting and dumping on your site to maintain cleanliness for a well-kept working environment.

Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards to produce a highly durable fork mounted sweeper which is easy and low maintenance making it a superb investment. The Sweeper Collector's solid design enables drivers excellent control, visibility and strength during use.

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Made from high strength steel, the Sweeper Collector has a range of first class features to peform its job magnificently.


  • Fully Floating Tine Pockets with Unique Quick Lock
  • Large Heavy Duty Castors
  • Gravity Feed Dust Suppression Water System
  • Enclosed Hydraulics with Easy Access for Maintenance
  • Auto Operation of Broom & Collector on Single Set of Hydraulic Services
  • Quick Release Bristle Cartridge


Operating Instructions:

  • Place the sweeper's fork tines in the sleeves and then lift both heel locks into place.
  • Connect hydraulic couplings to the auxiliary services.
  • Raise sweeper until seeing the collector bucket underneath and test the operational directions using the auxiliary services control. One way opens the collector, the other closing it.
  • Close the collector and lower the sweeper to the ground.
  • Set the tine sleeves so they are level and centred in line with the tine height.
  • When sweeping, do not exceed 5mph or use high engine revs. Avoid potholes, raised drain covers and sweeping over bands, wires, ropes etc.
  • When finished sweeping release the hydraulic pressure before decoupling.



  • Check bolts are tight and regularly grease the bristle shaft.
  • Adjust bristle height routinely to ensure brush only lightly touches the ground to prevent bristle wear.
  • Replace bristles when required after wear.



Sweeping Width: 2200mm

22 x 5" Double Bonded Polypropylene Bristles

Width: 2400mm

Depth: 2000mm

Height: 1050mm

Weight: 695kg

Collector Volume: 400L

Water Tank: 200L

Hydraulic Flow Range: 20L - 100L

Max Hydraulic Pressure: 250 bar

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