Temporary Manhole Cover

Temporary Manhole Cover
The innovative temporary manhole cover (750mm x 750mm x 79mm) from Safe Fence is the only one of its kind available on the market. The plastic cover is specifically designed by groundworks contractors to solve the issue of open and exposed manholes on site.
Ex VAT: £175.00 Inc VAT: £210.00


The Safe Fence Temporary Manhole Cover weighs just 13kg, making it an easy one person carry and install saving time and money on labour and resources. Manufactured from Nylon 6 & fitted with an alloy steel interlocking component the temporary manhole cover is capable of withstanding loads up to 4 tonnes. It offers you a safe and totally re-usable way to cover up voids on active construction sites & during repair works. 

Open manhole slabs restrict access across sites & cause a site safety risk. Typical solutions currently used in the construction industry include covering voids and manholes with plywood, which can easily break and presents a safety risk. This also results in debris falling into the drain, which can be expensive to deal with at a later date. Others use steel plate instead. These steel plates can be expensive and extremely difficult to place in position, again presenting a safety hazard from a lifting point of view. The third option currently available to contractors is to surround open manholes with safety and crowd barriers, but this not only leaves a potential open hazard, but also restricts site access as vehicles & plant have to move around this, rather than driving straight over manholes that have the Safe Fence Temporary Manhole Cover installed. 

The locking mechanism that holds the Safe Fence Temporary Manhole Cover in place is a spring-loaded assembly manufactured from an alloy steel that rotates an interlocking blade that will act as a mechanical barrier to the cover itself coming out of position when loading is applied. This is easily controlled using the locking key, which is also supplied. 


To install the Safe Fence Temporary Manhole Cover simply drop the cover into the drainage void and turn the key to lock in place. 

Mechanical & Chemical Characteristics 

Nylon 6 is an engineered polymer formulated to give high compressive and flexural strength. The Safe Fence Temporary Manhole Cover is tested to BS EN 124:1994, up to a loading capacity of 4 tonne. The ability of the temporary manhole cover to elasticity deform under this load ensures that it will withstand fatigue induced by heavy site traffic travelling over it continuously.