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Tensabarrier Heavy Duty Post


Tensabarrier Heavy Duty Post


Plastic Retractable Utility Post with Black Rubber Base. This barrier is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and features a plastic post & solid base. The base has easy to carry handles and is stackable for easy storage. Has a 3.65m belt webbing and available in Red or Yellow.

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The Tensabarrier® Heavy Duty post is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and features a plastic post. The base has easy to carry handles and is stackable for easy storage. Why Buy Our Tensabarrier®? HEIGHT MATTERS The Tensabarrier® has been designed and refined over its lifetime to ensure it is at the optimum height. At 970mm / 38” tall, it is deliberately shorter than competitor products to prevent people going under or over it. They are also easier to knock over due to having a higher centre of gravity and being more likely to catch on clothing or bags.


Other competitors offer longer belts, but this is only made possible by using thinner webbing, most commonly of lower grade, while keeping the same diameter post. For as long as the post diameters remain the same, longer belts always mean poorer quality webbing, which wear far less well than Tensator’s thicker, better quality material.


Made from 0.89mm military grade fabric, the Tensabarrier® belts are significantly thicker than other retractable stanchions, meaning it is less likely to suffer from degradation over time. Unlike competitor products the thread on the belts will not unravel if cut. Tensator’s digital dye printed webbing also offers a higher quality print.


The Tensabarrier® steel post offers flexibility in terms of colours and finishes – something that is limited when purchasing an aluminium post from competitors. The Tensabarrier® post material at 1.5mm is thicker than competitor products at 1.1mm, making it a harder wearing product than cheaper alternatives and less likely to get damaged.


All cassettes have an anti-tamper tape end that prevents the webbing detaching accidentally from the post when pulled out and connected. This connects to all competitor products and is marked with the Tensator® stamp of quality, for instant brand recognition. SAFETY FIRST Tensabarrier® is the safest stanchion on the market – our cassettes have the most unique braking system on the market the webbing retracts 2.5 seconds slower than its closest competitor; making it the safest solution for your customers.

Tensabarrier Heavy Duty Post Features More solid physical barrier, protecting people from dangerous areas Recycled rubber stackable base Suitable for outdoor use, but should not be permanently placed outside Detachable plastic post available in five colours, which are UV stable. Can be shipped flat packed. Available in twin pack, providing lower freight costs (twin pack order code 886/2) Single or dual line versions.

Easy to carry handles on the base. Rubber ring around the post, providing added protection in storage. Modular cassette design offering four-point anti-tamper connection as standard Constant torque webbing retraction. 3.65m webbing as standard Accommodates the full range of sign holders Tensabarrier Heavy Duty Post Applications Ideal for use indoors and outdoors in warehouses, loading bags, construction sites and manufacturing.

Tensabarrier Heavy Duty Post Benefits

  • Hard wearing base can be walked on or driven over and will still retain its shape
  • Post and base detach from one another, making them easy to store
  • Base has carry handles moulded into the rubber.
  • The ultimate in flexibility, the Tensabarrier® is easy to set up and simple to store Guide & inform your customers & employees
  • Easily achieve the optimum queue layout for your floor space
  • Reduces customer stress by removing ambiguity as to where the customer should queue and by providing separation between individuals and queue lines Durable & hardwearing dye print that does not scratch or deteriorate

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