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Tipping Skips - Heavy Duty

Suppliers of heavy duty tipping skips, also known as tippers and roll forward skips. Manufactured in the UK from thick steel plate, this range of tipping skips is ideal for industrial environments and for use on building sites. Mechanically operated we can also fit these tippers with wheels to make them easily manoeuvrable.

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Our standard range of heavy duty industrial tipping skips have hopper bodies with folded top edges. They are fitted with safe and easy action operation handles complete with safety catches and come with a heavy duty safety retaining chain. These heavy duty industrial tipping skips, manufactured in the West Midlands, are C.E. marked and come complete with full operating instructions. 

All of these tipping skips are manufactured with 5mm one way entry base frames. 

The Model litres equivalents are: 

  • 350 - 0.50 yard tipping skip 
  • 500 - 0.75 yard tipping skip 
  • 750 - 1.00 yard tipping skip 
  • 1200 - 1.50 yard tipping skip 
  • 1600 - 2.00 yard tipping skip 
  • 2400 - 3.00 yard tipping skip 

Non standard and multiple options are available on request. For example: 

  • Mesh height increase
  • Steel lids
  • Canvas tops
  • Heal pin fittings
  • Auto tipping 
  • Lifting lugs
More Information
Model litres Mat mm Length mm Width mm Height mm Max SWL (Kg)
350 3 1320 820 700 1000
500 3 1320 970 880 1000
750 5 1560 970 920 2000
1200 5 1980 1070 1110 2000
1600 5 1980 1570 1110 2000
2400s 5 1980 1570 1410 2000


Tipping Skip Conformity

These Tipping Skips are in accordance with Machinery Directive 89/392EEC (Amended 98/37EEC) and conform to the harmonised European Standards EN292-1 & EN292-2 and to British Standards BS EN ISO 12100-1 :2003 & BS EN ISO 1200-2 :2003.  

What is the difference between a Tipping Skip - Heavy Duty & Forklift Self-Tipping Skips? 

Heavy duty tipping skips are manufactured using 5mm thick mild steel, whereas the Forklift Self-Tipping Skips are manufactured using 3mm thick mild steel. This makes the heavy duty tipping skip more durable. The forklift self-tipping skips have re-enforced edges, that are folded back on themselves to give the skip greater strength. This is not needed for the heavier duty skip, which have simple folded edges instead. 

What is the difference between a Forklift Tipping Skip & a Telehandler Tipping Skip? 

Our heavy-duty forklift tipping skips & forklift-self tipping skips are designed to be lifted and tipped using a forklift. They are fitted with safety chains, which are secured to the forklift. They sit on a pivot and once the latch is released on the back of the tipping skip they roll forward emptying their contents. They are then self-righted and the latch secures them back into place. In comparison the telehandler tipping skip is designed to work on a telehandler. As such there is no need for a tipping mechanism, spring or safety chain. Instead the telehandler fork enter the telehandler skip and the gas strut on the back of the telehandler tipping skip automatically locks the skip to the forks. The contents of a telehandler tipping skip are emptied, not by the skip rolling forward, but instead by the telehandler tipping the entire skip by leaning forward. 

Telehandler tipping skips are becoming increasingly popular on building sites where telehandlers are present. This is because with a forklift tipping skip the driver has to step out of the forklift in order to release the tipping latch and this creates a potential health and safety hazard if not monitored correctly. In comparison as the telehandler physically tips the entire telehandler tipping skip, there is no need for the telehandler operator to ever leave the safety of their cab.