Trench Cover - LowPro 11/11

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Trench Cover - LowPro 11/11
The LowPro 11/11 (1125mm x 1125mm) is designed for 700mm trenches, specified to take weights up to 400Kg & incorporates the innovative flexible edge which reduces the trip hazard to pedestrians and guards against any unwanted movement. Crucially this allows the trench cover to be installed without requiring anchoring to the floor, saving installation time and money.
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A quality trench cover, designed for 700mm trenches & weight tested up to 400kg, that is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards in the UK. The key feature of LowPro 11/11 is that is incorporates the innovative flexible edge. Most trench covers require anchoring down, usually using bolts into the pavement, which is expensive and time consuming. The flexible edge means that once the LowPro 11/11 is in place it grips to the surface and is very difficult to move. This means that the trench cover does not need to be secured to the floor saving both time and money. 

This road plate complies with the UKs DETR "Safety at Street Works and Road works Code of Practice", it is also an anti-slid footpath board & has a rigid inner section made up from glass reinforced composite that gives it its strength and makes the trench cover shock resistant.