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Welding Drape & Curtain – Heavy Duty


These portable GPF1300 Heavy Duty Welding Curtain & Drapes have been designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 1000°C from grinding sparks and molten metal when welding, gas cutting and grinding operations are taking place on your site.

These Welding Curtains & Drapes have been manufactured in the UK from specially treated glass fibre and are suited work that requires higher performance.

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Despite their heavy duty and dense construction, these drapes and curtains remain flexible and soft and come with the option for brass eyelets to be fitted to enable you to hang or secure at height. Eyelets are placed in each corner, equi-spaced along the top edge of the curtains and along all four sides for the drapes.

Standard sizes are available from the options listed but we can also supply measurements depending on your bespoke requirements. When speaking to our sales team to order your product – also please state whether your prefer drapes or curtains.




Weight: 1300 g/m2

Thickness: 1.7mm